On 17th September 1966, Willy Brandt announced at the ceremonial opening of the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin that he, like all the co-founders, was convinced that the school would “in future provide artistic and organisational stimuli for films made for cinema and television”. Brandt and all the dffb’s early allies were to be proved correct—c. 10,000 unique films, 1,000 fantastic graduates and c. 250 students are impressive figures for a small film school like the dffb.

A lot has happened since the beginning and we have taken the opportunity to celebrate 50 years of dffb with several film screenings at the Arsenal and other cinemas in Berlin as well as an symposion.

Here you find an overview of the activites (in German) until the end 2016: DFFB overview 1

Here you find the programme fo the FFFB Film Festival (in German): Programme

We are grateful to the STIFTUNG DEUTSCHE KLASSENLOTTERIE BERLIN for providing financial support for the anniversary programme.