The DFFB therefore does not offer any Masters/Bachelors courses. However, the courses of studies offered at the DFFB are comparable to artistic or artistic/academic courses at state institutions of higher education in terms of the entrance requirements, the scope of studies and the qualification obtained.

Each year, the DFFB admits up to eight students in the discipline of Directing, eight students in the discipline of Cinematography and eight students in the discipline of Producing. Each of these curriculums has a regular study period of four years. However, in our experience, the thesis film takes as long as six years to finish.

The Screenwriting Academy educates a class of up to ten students each year. Their curriculum takes three years to complete.

Important dates and deadlines

The application process takes place every year. The school year begins in September.

The application process starts in autumn for the upcoming next year. The admissions exams take place in spring, from which the final students are selected.

For specific dates and deadlines, please see the information to the separate curriculums.


Admission to the DFFB is solely dependant on selection through the admissions exam. One must be 21 years of age by the date one plans to begin studying if one would like to apply.

Successful practical experience or a finished education in related areas such as film, television, theater, and journalism heighten the chances of an applicant but are not necessary prerequisites.

English and computer skills are expected in all disciplines. 90% of the seminars and workshops take place in German.

The applications for directing, producing, cinematography and scriptwriting can be composed in German or English. However, the certificate B2 of the Goethe-Institute or another language school is an obligatory language verification for starting studying at the DFFB.

One may apply only two times to the DFFB, regardless of subject area.


A fee of 225 € is payable to the DFFB per year of study for directing, cinematography and production students to cover matriculation/renewal of matriculation and a share in the cost of equipment insurance, plus in the first four years of study the cost of a BVG semester ticket (public transport ticket)– currently 380 €.

The scriptwriting academy of the DFFB is funded by third-party funds and its budget is not covered by the Berlin senate allocations to the DFFB. Therefore additional tuition fees are due for screenwriting students. The tuition fees, including the fee for matriculation/renewal of matriculation are 1.200 € for the first year, 750 € for the second year and 450€ for the third year, plus the cost of a BVG semester ticket (public transport ticket) – currently 373 €.

Financial aid

Students at the DFFB may apply for BAFöG. Once one has been accepted at the DFFB, an application for BAFöG should be sent as soon as possible to:

Studentenwerk Berlin
Hardenbergstr. 34
10623 Berlin

German and foreign students may both apply. Foreign students must qualify under
§8 BAFöG.

Only those who qualify for BAFöG have a right to its support. A second education is never supported by BAFöG. You may find further information to educational support on the webpage of the Studentenwerk Berlin.