Award for Chris Kraus

The 25,000 Euro Thomas Strittmatter Scriptwriting Prize was awarded this year to Chris Kraus and his screenplay “Die Blumen von gestern” (AT).

The Baden Württemberg Scriptwriting Prize was renamed in honour of Thomas Strittmatter on 13th February 2008, at the award ceremony marking its 10th anniversary. In 2013 the jury found the ideal award-winner, with all the qualities Jan Schütte cited in his laudatio for Thomas Strittmatter at that historic ceremony five years ago: a scriptwriter who tells the fascinating hidden stories of this country, observing attentively, with irony and humour.

The jury awarded the 2013 Thomas Strittmatter Prize to a screenplay that does not spare us as we once again confront dark chapters from the past, yet never depicts events as simply black or white; a screenplay that is enormously entertaining, although at times our laughter sticks in our throats; this romantic comedy with its impressive storytelling presents a crystal-clear analysis of how the NS past is dealt with today.

More information about the prize here

Published on February 15, 2013