Blogposts in June 2013:

Harvard Summer School at the DFFB

16 Harvard students have been our guests at the DFFB since Monday.

The Harvard Summer School, held in Berlin for the first time this year, offers an eight-week documentary film seminar.

The theoretical part of the seminar, headed by Prof. Eric Rentschler, addresses film in Berlin (with examples ranging from “M” to “Run Lola Run”). Subsequently the Harvard students shoot a short documentary film, set in Berlin and focusing on the city.

Published on June 20, 2013

DFFB Graduates 2013

Here are our 2013 graduates.

At the degree ceremony on Saturday in the Babylon cinema, we officially launched this year’s screenwriting, directing, cinematography and production graduates out into the world.

As was already the case last year, Björn Böhning, Head of the Senate Chancellery, was in attendance to award the students their diplomas. DFFB alumnus Dr. Auma Obama gave the degree ceremony speech.
The Major Minors provided the musical accompaniment for the degree ceremony.

Published on June 17, 2013

Two DFFB degree films at Filmfest München

Samuel Perriard’s degree film Schwarzer Panther/ Black Panther – The story of Emilie and Jacob - Gaëtan Varone (Cinematography) and Luis Singer (Production) – will have its world premiere in the “New German Cinema” section at Munich’s international film festival, Filmfest München.

Information on the screening dates at Filmfest München

David Dietl’s degree film König von Deutschland/ King Ordinary, produced by Frisbeefilms, will also have its world premiere in Munich.

(c)Frisbee Films/ Zorro

Information on the screening dates at Filmfest München

Both films are in the running for the German Cinema New Talent Award!

Published on June 10, 2013