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Jan Schütte is heading to Los Angeles – Böhning thanks DFFB Director

State Secretary Björn Böhning, head of Berlin’s Senate Chancellery, has expressed his thanks to Jan Schütte, Director of the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB), for his work and congratulated him on his appointment in Los Angeles. Schütte has been appointed Dean of the AFI Conservatory in Los Angeles.

Böhning: “I would like to thank Jan Schütte for his committed and successful work heading the DFFB over the last four years. As Director of the DFFB in Berlin he has set new standards for training filmmakers thanks to novel course formats, innovative projects and a flurry of ideas, benchmarks for quality that will continue to shape studies at the Academy in the future. The film metropolis of Berlin is on the one hand very sad to see him go, but is delighted that Schütte’s proven competence and expertise has spread his reputation all the way to Hollywood. The Board of Trustees has therefore agreed to accept this move. We wish the new Dean of the AFI Conservatory in Los Angeles all the best and every success in his new role, and hope that cooperation between these two illustrious film schools can be expanded under his leadership. The DFFB’s Board of Trustees and the Federal State of Berlin in its role as DFFB shareholder will identify Schütte’s successor promptly.”

Jan Schütte on his appointment to the AFI Conservatory:
“It is both a great honour and a great challenge to become the Dean of such a prestigious film school as the AFI Conservatory. But of course I will also be leaving the DFFB with a heavy heart. My four years here were enormously work-intensive, fascinating and also turbulent. These were years of transformation and of a re-definition of the DFFB. Yet my successor will, like me, certainly be impressed by the creative spirit and the firm resolve to shape the world of filmmaking with which students engage in their courses at the DFFB.”

Jan Schütte has been Director of the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin since 2010. He will take up his new position in Los Angeles in the autumn.

Lehre im Herzen / SZ
Jan Schütte verlässt die DFFB / Berliner Morgenpost
Jan Schütte named Dean at AFI / Hollywood Reporter

Published on June 18, 2014

Our 2014 graduates

The 2014 graduation ceremony was held on Saturday in the Babylon cinema. Along with our directing, cinematography, production and screenwriting graduates, this year for the first time we were also saying farewell to the 12 participants from the postgraduate serial drama programme “Serial Eyes”.

Director Wim Wenders gave this year’s keynote speech, and the band “Major Minors” provided the musical accompaniment for the ceremony.

Published on June 14, 2014

Prizes for DFFB students

As well as having participated in a whole host of fascinating festivals and screenings, we are delighted that our students have returned to Berlin with so many prizes.

DEATH & THE MAIDEN (Director/ Screenplay/ Production: Yael Lotem, Cinematography: Nicola Hens, Production: Xenia Brauer, Tal Greenberg) SECOND PLACE AWARD in the Student Competition at docaviv – Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival

AN DER TÜR/AT THE DOOR (Director/ Screenplay: Miriam Bliese, Cinematography: Markus Koob, Production: Clemens Köstlin) BEST SCREENPLAY at the Tel Aviv 16th International Student Film Festival

DER SAMURAI/THE SAMURAI (Director/ Screenplay: Till Kleinert, Cinematography: Martin Hanslmayr, Production: Anna de Paoli, Linus de Paoli) BEST FILM at the 10th. Fantaspoa Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantástico

NORDLAND (Director: IJ. Biermann, Screenplay: Stephan Schoenholtz, Cinematography: Kai Miedendorp, Production: Iliana Estañol) YOUNG ACTRESS AWARD for Odine Johne at the 24th Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Death & the Maiden by Yael Lotem

Published on June 11, 2014