DFFB goes Berlinale

The DFFB is delighted to be presenting three films in three sections at the Berlinale (5th – 15th February 2015).

PETTING ZOO, the degree film of directing student Micah Magee, will be shown in the Panorama section, BUBE STUR, Moritz Krämer’s first feature-length film will be screening as part of the “Perspektive” sidebar. Teboho Edkin’s documentary film COMING OF AGE is part of the Generation section.

All three DFFB films will have their world premiere at the Berlinale.

About the films:
PETTING ZOO (Director: Micah Magee, DOP: Armin Dierolf, Producer: Friederike Steinbeck) / Panorama
San Antonio, Texas. – Layla is top of her high school class… and pregnant. Due to family pressure, she decides against an abortion, turns down her college scholarship and goes to stay with her beloved grandmother on the outskirts of the city.

COMING OF AGE (Director: Teboho Edkins) / Generation
COMING OF AGE is a film that accompanies young people for two years as they grow up in a remote area of the mountain kingdom of Lesotho in southern Africa. Relatively little happens in the village of Ha Sekake, but from the young people’s point of view a great deal is at stake.

STUBBORN BOY / BUBE STUR (Director: Moritz Krämer) / Perspektive
Hanna (21) has come a long way to do her hours working in a small village in the Black Forest. She shovels dung, milks cows and fights a running battle with farmer Uwe Kiefer (39), who doesn’t sell his milk but tips it out into the slurry. Hanna is not alone, for the whole village looks down on Kiefer for his persistent milk strike. When he is on the verge of bankruptcy, Hanna rapidly becomes Uwe’s sole salvation. Yet Hanna has actually ended up here for a very different reason. She simulates a family for herself in the neighbouring small town – until Uwe see through her game.

Published on January 19, 2015