German Short Film Prize Nomination for two DFFB-Productions: THE HOUSE IN THE ENVELOPE and SPIELT KEINE ROLLE

On 29th October 2015 Monika Grütters, Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, will be awarding the German Short Film Prize. We are delighted that this year two dffb productions are nominated for this prestigious prize: Sanela Salketic’s drama THE HOUSE IN THE ENVELOPE and Annika Pinske’s feature film SPIELT KEINE ROLLE/ANYWAYS, both in the running in the category “7 to 30-minute feature film”.

Awards will be given in five categories: experimental film, documentary film, animation film, feature film up to 7 minutes long and 7 to 30-minute feature film. In addition, an optional Special Prize may be awarded for an outstanding film longer than 30 minutes (up to 78 minutes).

About the films:

THE HOUSE IN THE ENVELOPE (Director: Sanela Salketic)

Photo: dffb

A year after Leyla’s father dies, she decides to visit her family in Istanbul, bringing the same questions her father did 30 years before. But she finds no answers. Her grandmother, as ever, avoids discussing family problems and her grandfather is not even there.
Leyla sets off to look for him. A loquacious taxi driver helps her out in this search for her grandfather and shares with her one of those quiet moments you sometimes need to get to know someone.

SPIELT KEINE ROLLE/ANYWAYS (Director: Annika Pinske)

Photo: dffb

Conny (33) works full-time, commuting from one theatre to the next as a set designer. When her ex, Hans (54), dies, she has to take on responsibility for their daughter Leo (10) on her own. Since the couple separated, Leo has lived with her father, only seeing her mother occasionally. Conny, rather than facing up responsibly to all this, represses the loss and Leo’s needs.
Conny lacks the daily routine she needs to get to grips with living with her daughter. Hans’ flat feels alien to her, as does her daughter. When Conny spins out of control, Leo aims a toy gun at her mum. Conny plays along, acting out a tragic death scene. As she lies on the ground, Conny realises that the line between serious acts and game-playing has blurred. Her daughter’s brave gesture awakens feelings of care and love in Conny that she was previously reluctant to admit. She comes up with a highly unconventional plan for Leo for a shared happy ending.

Published on October 20, 2015