Blogposts in December 2015:

Two dffb films highly commended

GESCHÜTZTER RAUM/SAFE SPACE (Director/Screenplay: Zora Rux, Screenplay: Christian Brecht, Cinematography: Ágnes Pákozdi, Production: Fred Burle) and THE HOUSE IN THE ENVELOPE (Director: Sanela Salketic, Screenplay: Demet Gül, Sanela Salketic, Cinematography: Patrick Jasim, Production: Fred Burle, Demet Gül) received the accolade “Highly Commended” from the German Film Quality Assessment Board (FBW) in December.

From the FBW’s statement on GESCHÜTZTER RAUM/SAFE SPACE:
… For GESCHÜTZTER RAUM/SAFE SPACE does not allow any distance; the questions arise automatically and continue to resonate long after the end of the film, for no solution is offered in the film. This is what makes GESCHÜTZTER RAUM/SAFE SPACE by Zora Rux such an important, highly topical and absolutely marvellous film.

From the FBW’s statement on THE HOUSE IN THE ENVELOPE:
… With an admirably sure hand, director Sanela Salketic succeeds, very rapidly and deploying sparse staging, in drawing viewers deep into the narrative, while also allowing real characters to emerge from just a few actions and sentences ….

Published on December 22, 2015