The dffb archive goes online!

BRECHT DIE MACHT DER MANIPULATEURE/BREAK THE POWER OF THE MANIPULATORS (BRD 1967/68, Director: Helke Sander) Source: Deutsche Kinemathek. From left to right: Ulrich Knaudt, Helke Sander, Harun Farocki

This summer the time will be ripe — the dffb’s archive is going online!

Numerous films, trailers, set photos and production documentation from nearly 4,000 film productions have been digitalised by the Deutsche Kinemathek to make this possible. In July this year, all of this will become accessible to the general public — as part of an ambitious online archive.

It will include early works by former dffb students such as Thomas Arslan, Ute Aurand, Detlev Buck, Harun Farocki, Lily Grote, Wolfgang Petersen, Christian Petzold and Helke Sander, to name but a few.

Launch date: July 2015

Published on February 16, 2015