Ralph Schwingel to be the new Director of the DFFB

In its meeting on 6th March 2015, the DFFB’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously to appoint Ralph Schwingel as DFFB Director and Chief Executive. It is planned that he will take up this position as soon as possible subsequent to this appointment.

The Board of Trustees requested Björn Böhning, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, to elucidate the procedure and the decision taken by the Board of Trustees in a DFFB general meeting.

Mr Böhning: “Ralph Schwingel is an experienced film producer, screenwriter and director, who also has a solid track record in teaching film. The Board of Trustees considers that Ralph Schwingel is extremely well-suited to assuming this role at the helm of the DFFB.”

Published on March 06, 2015