dffb@ Writers for Europe

The Screenwriting Academy’s second-year class is just back from London/Beaconsfield, where the “Writers for Europe” symposium was organised at the NFTS with students and lecturers from Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin and London. Under the heading “A sense of place”, the symposium lectures tackled the question: How do stories learn to travel?

Yves Hensel:
We developed many new contacts and had a lot of fun. In addition, we also became even closer as a group. The symposium was very interesting, and the guest lecturers in particular were inspiring and encouraging, which also holds true for the entire trip.

Rebecca Martin:
The week in Beaconsfield was one of the best weeks of my life! I have never seen my entire screenwriting class express so much enthusiasm with one voice. Our hosts were incredibly kind and eager to help: I felt very much at ease. The lectures were inspiring and very informative, the pitches were audacious and interesting, and discussing them provided many useful insights. I also found that the balance between input and output worked extremely well.

Published on May 05, 2015