Award for David Nawrath and Paul Salisbury

David Nawrath and Paul Salisburg have won the Emden Screenplay Award at the Emden-Norderney International Film Festival for their screenplay “Atlas”.

The award comes with 10,000 prize money: Jakob Weets, the award’s sponsor, was on the spot in Emden on Friday to present the screenwriters with their prize during the award ceremony.

The jury statement:
David Nawrath and Paul Salisbury’s screenplay “Atlas” looks with acute precision at a milieu that is not often talked about in films. Evictions, foreigners, precarious work–all anything but sexy. “Atlas” however never becomes pushy in recounting this and also avoids slipping into cliché. “Atlas” is a screenplay that has much in common its main character, Walter, making do with just a few words, and expressing and capturing all the more for that very reason. “Atlas” has such an intelligent dramaturgical construction and displays such a firm grasp of the screenwriter’s craft that is simply must be filmed. We are looking forward to the world premiere–coming soon to the Emden-Norderney International Film Festival.

Published on June 10, 2015