The dffb mourns Krasimir Krumov

At the weekend we received the sad news that Bulgarian filmmaker Krasimir Krumov had died, completely unexpectedly. He was 60 years old.

With his death, the dffb has lost one of its longstanding lecturers and a good friend, who helped shape the school’s profile for many years. Krasimir Krumov had been coming to the dffb every year for nearly twenty years to give two directing workshops and taught students on the Basic Studies and Advanced Studies courses. Numerous films came into being thanks to his generous support.

In his theoretical and practical seminars Krasimir Krumov also always conveyed a clear stance. His notion of filmmaking was shaped by an almost religiously unconditional and uncompromising attitude. There was nothing arbitrary about making films for him–the focus was on existential issues, on what it means to be human. That was most certainly no joking matter for him, for all his humour in other respects.

Krasimir Krumov:
“If we perceive time as something linear, then there is a beginning and an end. However, if we remain within the transcendental dimension of time, there is no ‘beginning’ and no ‘end’. Art enables us to experience time in precisely this transcendental manner.”

He will be very much missed by all of us–students and staff.

Our heartfelt condolences to his family.

Published on August 05, 2015