Blogposts in January 2016:

Jonas Rothlaender wins award at the Max Ophüls Prize Film Festival

Jonas Rothlaender has been awarded the Film Prize of the Minister President of the Saarland in the category Best Director for FADO at the Max Ophüls Prize Film Festival.

The Film Prize of the Minister President of the Saarland is awarded for outstanding directorial achievement in films from the Feature Film Competition section and is endowed with 5,500 Euro. The prize is supplemented by distribution funding to the tune of 5,500 Euro. Upon request, and at the recommendation of the award-winning director, this prize can be awarded to the distribution company responsible for distributing the film.

From the jury statement:
Carried by two outstanding actors, FADO, Jonas Rothlaender’s film, recounts a relationship drama that makes jealousy the driving force of the narrative. The characters come together and lose each other in the alleyways of Lisbon, but it is the rust of jealousy, constantly eating away at their relationship, that finally destroys the ties between them. Our congratulations go to this impressive visual and directorial cinematic tour-de-force!

FADO (Screenplay: Sebastian Belly, Jonas Rothlaender; Cinematography: Alexander Haßkerl, Production: Tara Biere) a Stick Up Film production in a co-production with rbb and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

Published on January 25, 2016

ZHALEIKA at the Berlinale - Generation 14plus

Eliza Petkova’s first feature ZHALEIKA (Director: Eliza Petkova, Cinematography:Constanze Schmitt, Production:Tim Oliver Schultz, Svetoslav Draganov, Cécile Tollu-Polonowski) will have its world premiere at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival in the Generation 14plus section.

The Berlin International Film Festival presents around 400 films every year, primarily world or European premieres, in screenings open to the general public; this year it will run from 11th to 21st February. The various sections embrace films from every genre, and of every conceivable length and format. Since 1978 the Berlinale has dedicated one section specifically to children and adolescents: Generation. The two competitions, Generation Kplus and Generation 14plus, present new discoveries from international contemporary cinema that do not talk down to young people, and offer filmakers a chance to win a Glass Bear or one of the international jury prizes.

Content / Synopsis ZHALEIKA
Lora, a 17-year-old girl, is confronted with her father’s death. In her small Bulgarian village, where time seems to have stood still, her family and the other villagers expect her to abandon herself to her grief. She is supposed to wear black, stop listening to music and respect various mourning rituals. Lora however wants to keep on living life to the full. Her wish is stymied by the judgmental stares of those around her, forcing her to slip into the victimised role of an orphan.

Published on January 15, 2016

The dffb mourns Busso von Müller

Busso von Müller died on Tuesday last week.
Busso, born in 1967 in Hamburg, studied at the dffb from 1994 to 1999.

After graduating from the ddfb, he worked as a cinematographer, and directed and produced documentary films in conjunction with Julia Albrecht.

Busso always maintained his ties with the dffb, and returned to the film school as a lecturer.
He devised his last seminar in conjunction with Julia Albrecht in summer 2015 and led the seminar for the dffb’s students from October on. The seminar continues, and it is painful to have to go on with it now without Busso.

We miss him, and his death is absurd - Busso was only 48 years old.

We shall miss you, your particular way of seeing the world and taking an interest in people.

On behalf of the dffb,
Bodo Knapheide

Published on January 12, 2016


The documentary FAMILIE HABEN/ FAMILIAR CIRCLES by Jonas Rothlaender will be released in cinemas in right across Germany from 7.1.

The schedule for the cinema tour:
Berlin | fsk Kino | 7th – 13th January 2016 (discussion with the director on 10th January)

Berlin | Brotfabrik | 8th – 10th January and 31st January 2016 (discussion with the director on 9th January)

Dortmund | Kino im U | 29th and 31st January 2016
Dresden | Kino im Dach | 15th January 2016 (plus discussion with the director)

Frankfurt | Mal Seh’n Kino | 20th and 24th January 2016 (discussion with the director on 20th January)

Freiburg | KoKi Freiburg | 19th February 2016 (plus discussion with the director)

Heidelberg | Karlstorkino | 21st February 2016
Karlsruhe | Kinemathek Karlsruhe | 27th January 2016 (plus discussion with the director)

Kiel | Kulturforum | 25th February 2016

Leipzig | Schaubühne Lindenfels | 7th – 9th January 2016 (discussion with the director on 8th January)

Lübeck | Kino KoKi | 11th – 13th January 2016 ( discussion with the director on 11th January

Munich | Werkstattkino | 16th and 23rd January ( discussion with the director on 16th January)

Neumünster | Kinobühne | 26. Januar 2016 (plus discussion with the director)

Paderborn | Cineplex | 17. Januar 2016 (plus discussion with the director)

Published on January 06, 2016