Four dffb Films at the 50th Hof Film Festival

The dffb isn’t the only one turning 50 this year: on 25th October the 50th Hof International Film Festival (25-30.10.2016) will begin and four dffb productions are screening at this special anniversary festival.

We are delighted to be able to congratulate:

ABSINTHE (Director/Screenplay: Ewa Wikiel, Cinematography: Marianne Andrea Borowiec, Production: Luise Hausschild),

ETAGE X (Director/Screenplay: Francy Fabritz, Cinematography: Sarah Vetter, Production: Eicke Eckold),

SCHULTERSIEG /WIN BY FALL (Director: Anna Koch, Screenplay: Anna Koch, Julia Lemke, Cinematography: Julia Lemke, Production: Jolanka Höhn, Romana Janik) and

TASCHENGELD (Director/Screenplay: Annika Pinske, Cinematography: Norwin Hatschbach, Production: Mariam Shatberashvili, Annika Pinske).

Published on October 17, 2016