HOMEWORK wins the 2016 German Short Film Award

Dffb student Annika Pinske received a Film Award in Gold at the German Short Film Award ceremony in Munich last night.

Pinske’s short film HOMEWORK (Director/Screenplay/Production: Annika Pinske, Cinematography: Ben Bernhard) is about a young father, his twelve-year-old daughter, two secrets and a huge lie; competing against a total of 281 short films submitted to the festival, it was recognised in the category “Feature Film (up to 7 minutes long)”.

Pinske was previously nominated for the German Short Film Award in 2015 for her short SPIELT KEINE ROLLE/ANYWAYS.

The jury statement:
In HOMEWORK, embedded in an almost enigmatic setting, she depicts “a loving father and daughter relationship, moving far beyond conventional family clichés”.

Our congratulations to the brand-new winner of the Short Film Award on her success, which also comes with a 30,000 Euro cash prize.

You can find the film trailer for HOMEWORK at: www.deutscher-kurzfilmpreis.de

Published on November 18, 2016