IHR SOHN /HER SON – Highly Commended

IHR SOHN/HER SON (Director: Katharina Woll, Screenplay: Florian Plumeyer, Cinematography: Albrecht von Grünhagen, Production: Markus Kaatsch) has received the accolade “Highly Commended” from the German Film Quality Assessment Board (FBW)!

The accompanying press release states:

“She is evasive when he wants to meet. She is very busy, running a downtown gallery. She has scant interest in the music he makes, which is his whole life these days. But now something has changed. And he won’t be able to shake her off any longer. For he is her son, after all, and always will be. Katharina Woll’s film IHR SOHN / HER SON consistently assumes the son’s perspective. The camera is doggedly on his tracks, showing him head-on in a close-up, skulking on his heels, following him when he sets out to look for his mother. Sebastian Urzendowsky plays the son with an impressive blend of the subdued uncertainty he has learnt to assume and the defiance of a young man no longer prepared to accept his ascribed role as a perpetually neglected son. Acting opposite him is the fantastic Marie-Lou Sellem as the mother.(…)The dialogues in IHR SOHN/ HER SON are precise and acutely perceptive. Initially their conflicts still look like duels, yet increasingly subtle nuances subsequently appear, offering glimpses of warmth and genuine love. Woll conveys this through both the minimalistic, precisely placed dialogue and the serenely assured visual language, often entirely without words; despite the reserved restraint of the images, she describes a moving rapprochement between mother and son, sustained too by the intelligent and highly apposite sound design. The ambience, form and content of this short film are all outstanding.”

We could not agree more, and congratulate the whole team!

Published on December 01, 2016