Katharina Diessner wins BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY prize

On 24.04.16 the price for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY will be awarded for the 9th time in Cologne at the International Women’s Film Festival Dortmund|Cologne. This year Katharina Diessner will be receiving the award in the Documentary Film section for the film ARLETTE. MUT IST EIN MUSKEL/ ARLETTE. COURAGE IS A MUSCLE (Director/Screenplay: Florian Hoffmann, Cinematography: Katharina Diessner, Mathilda Mester, Producer: Tim Oliver Schultz).

JURY STATEMENT on the 2016 Cinematography Prize:
“Thanks to Arlette’s powerful presence in the images we can see her inner development from initial loneliness, fear, sadness and fragility in the hospital, passing through despair in an unknown environment, and moving towards increasing strength and growing familiarity. The camera is tenacious, does not look away, remains with the unfolding events and is not the least bit voyeuristic. Although the action is enclosed within limited spaces, the camera maintains an agreeable reticence, tending more to open up the space than to constrict it. Katharina Diessner’s desire to share her admiration for Arlette is tangible in the stance adopted for the camera.”

Published on April 06, 2016