Two DFFB Films in Competition at the 64th FESTIVAL DE SAN SEBASTIÁN

A new week, bringing new success stories: two DFFB films are taking part in the international competition at the 64th Festival de San Sebastián (16th-24th September 2016) in the “New Directors” section:

VANATOARE (Prowl) by Alexandra Balteanu
(Production: DFFB)

ANISHOARA by Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu
(Production: Weydemann Bros., DFFB and rbb)

All the films in the “New Directors” competition are in the running for the Kutxabank-New Directors Award, which is awarded to a directorial debut or second film, and is endowed with 50.000 € for the director and the film’s Spanish distributor
The Kutxabank-New Directors Award is sponsored by Kutxabank, one of the festival’s official partners.

About the films:
VANATOARE is the story of three completely different women in Romania: Lidia breeds pigeons and leads a simple life in the countryside with her husband and two children. Denisa, the most self-confident of the three, wants to buy her boyfriend a new pair of trainers, even though she’s the one who stumps up for all the other bills too. The youngest, Vanesa, dreams of finding the perfect man, green eyes and all, and moving into a flat with him. All three share the same workplace: under a motorway bridge, as sex workers. One day they decide to resist when the local policeman comes on one of his regular, seemingly harmless visits.

ANISHOARA is the story of a 15-year-old girl by that name, who comes from a small village in Moldova set in a picturesque valley amidst gently rolling hills. Life seems peaceful and archaic, with just her grandfather Petru and her little brother Andrei for company. In the summer Anishoara sets off with her friends to the melon harvest, where she experiences the overwhelming emotions of first love. In autumn a strange, older German tourist comes to her village, and briefly impinges on her life. In winter, together with Dragosh, the young man she loves, she travels to the sea for the first time ever. When spring rolls around she waits, full of longing, for Dragosh, but when he returns he has a surprise for her. It’s the last year of Anishoara’s childhood in the valley, before she embarks on a new life as an adult…

Published on July 26, 2016