Three dffb Co-Productions Nominated for First Steps Award

We are delighted to announce that three DFFB co-productions have been nominated for the FIRST STEPS Awards 2016! The graduates in the running for the award:

Producer Tara Biere is nominated for the NO FEAR AWARD, which is endowed with 10,000 €, for her film FADO (Director: Jonas Rothlaender).

Director Paola Calvo is in the running for the Michael Ballhaus Prize, also endowed with 10,000 € prize money, for her documentary VIOLENTLY HAPPY.

And, last but not least, director Anna-Felicia Scutelnicu has been nominated with her film ANISHOARA for the Best Full-length Feature Film award, endowed with 25,000 € prize money.

At the FIRST STEPS Awards three juries award prizes in seven categories, with total prize money of 92,000 € going to the prize-winners.

Published on August 11, 2016