Tara Biere wins the No Fear Award

At the First Steps award ceremony last night, Tara Biere won the No Fear Award for the production of her degree film, FADO.

The No Fear Award is endowed with 10,000€ prize money.

The jury statement:

A German doctor follows his ex-girlfriend to Lisbon. She has a job and friends there; he is isolated. His jealous obsession blurs the line between reality and imagination, for the audience too. The sense of being in an unfamiliar environment is an important aspect of the film. Tara Biere aimed to experience precisely that with her degree film: She shared responsibility as a student producer for a bi-national team, found 60 locations, solved funding problems, and all without the support of a familiar network around her. “Fado” was made as part of the rbb und Medienboard Leuchtstoff initiative and is a striking demonstration of the degree to which a highly motivated team can realise their artistic visions despite financial and time constraints.

In addition, dffb graduate Sarika Hemi Lakhani was recognised with the 2016 FIRST STEPS Honorary Award together with Marie Steimann and Tom Tykwer as part of the project One Fine Day Films, for her role on the spot organising workshops in Africa and supporting the film teams.

Published on September 20, 2016