Passing on the baton for the FILM AUS PAPIER /FILMS MADE OF PAPER screenplay reading

There wasn’t an empty seat in the house at the latest reading in Sputnikkino, even though Christmas was looming. Another successful evening in the FILM AUS PAPIER /FILMS MADE OF PAPER reading series, created a year and a half ago by the Schreibkollektiv Q3 (Q3 Screenwriters’ Collective), a group of former DFFB screenwriting students.

Since then, together with a fantastic ensemble of actors, they have been reading scenes from their screenplays, and sometimes even entire short films or prose texts.

The Christmas reading was a great example of this: here an interfering hippy mum showing up her daughter at dinner, there a plump Sleeping Beauty wakening from her slumbers in 2017 with a bad dose of narcolepsy, then two sleepless lovers feuding at night, not to mention hefty shooting stars experimenting with battered old cuddly hamsters as fuel for their journey through the night skies.

The atmosphere was fantastic, as ever. The actors slipped right into their various roles; there was laughter and tears, and rapt attention from the audience.

But there was also something special about this reading, for at the end Schreibkollektiv Q3’s members officially passed the baton to the next class of alumni, handing over organisation of the readings to their younger colleagues.
The readings proved hugely beneficial for everyone in Schreibkollektiv Q3. They have grown more open-minded and audacious, and are now all working as professional screenwriters.
They wish just as much success to the next classes of alumni: forge alliances and tell stories, read them out, try them out in front of an audience and test their impact.
May FILM AUS PAPIER /FILMS MADE OF PAPER continue to exist for many years and become a permanent fixture.

You can find all the information about the readings here:

Published on January 04, 2017