FADO wins "2016 Best Feature Debut“ Prize

from the German Film Critics Association / Verband der deutschen Filmkritik

Last night in Berlin, Jonas Rothlaender was among the lucky winners at the award ceremony for the 2016 German Film Critics Association Prizes; he won the 2016 Best Feature Debut Prize for his degree film FADO (Director/Screenplay:Jonas Rothlaender, Screenplay: Sebastian Bleyl, Cinematography: Alexander Haßkerl, Production: Luis Singer, Dennis Schanz, Ole Lohmann, Tara Biere).

The jury statement on the prize:

“(…)Jonas Rothlaender’s first feature film FADO is a psychological study of a jealous man, turning the spotlight on a feeling – precise, emotional and rather inspired, a very mature debut: reality and a surreal conceptual universe are deftly intermeshed, the actors are directed with an incredibly sure hand; every sentence, every scene, every metaphor is spot on (…)“

Our warmest congratulations!

Published on February 14, 2017