Germany / 2010
Narrative / 30 min / Colored

Director:Mariejosephin Schneider
Script: Mariejosephin Schneider
Cinematography: Jenny Lou Ziegel
Producer: Nicolai Zeitler
Production: dffb, rbb

Eleven-year-old Jessi longs for the place of her childhood. She carries responsibility for her mother Rosa, incarcerated several months ago, acting as Rosa’s sole connection to the outside since Bibi, Jessi’s older sister, broke off contact. Jessi lives with a foster family in the city. Her relationship with her foster mother, Claudia, is strained: Claudia wants everything to be perfect, pressuring Jessi and unconsciously building a rivalry between herself and Jessi ‘s real mother. Today is Bibi’s birthday: Jessi visits her mother in the corrections facility, bringing telephone money so that her mother can give her sister a call . Her mother refuses. So Jessi decides to fight for her family again, coming up with a plan to get back to her home village and give her sister a present in her mother’s name. Her plan succeeds: for the first time in months, Bibi asks how their mother is doing. But Jessi can’t stay long with her sister: Bibi’s life has changed as well. She has moved out of their old house and in with her boyfriend Kevin in his tiny apartment. Tucked in on the sofa that night, Jessi hears the two of them making love. Jessi sneaks away, riding her bike home to her mother’s old house. Jessi must reveal her inner world to the outside to understand that there is no way for her to pick up her former life. Returning to the comfort of childhood is impossible. She has to make her own way, find her place in the world and in search of someone who can make her “me” a “we”.

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