Das Hemd

(The Shirt)

Germany / 2010
Narrative / 6 min / Colored

Director:Jonas Rothlaender
Script: Sebastian Bleyl, Jonas Rothlaender
Cinematography: Alexander Haßkerl
Producer: Louise von Johnston
Production: dffb, arte

A Wedding Ceremony. The Men’s room. Two men squeeze to fit into one of the small booths. Walter (62) and Markus (28). Father and Son. Markus timidly asks his laid-back father to take off his undershirt that is showing very visible under his shirt. “No one wears those anymore.” He feels embarrassed for his father. Walter is relaxed and does as Markus asks him to. But when his old father is standing in front of him – half-naked – Markus realises the absurdity of the situation and his own behaviour.

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