Hinter den sieben Bergen

(Over the seven mountains and far away)

Germany / 2011
Narrative / 30 min / Colored

Director:Günther Franke
Script: Josa-David Sesink
Cinematography: Kai Miedendorp
Producer: Paul Zischler
Production: dffb

At dead of night the boy without a name is seeking his luck. On a crowded party he runs into Jessica and Adriano, they claim to be his friends. They leave the club in the basement druggy and get lost in the woods. Somewhere between dreaming and the waking hours, between the magical places of childhood and the dark vaults of reality the enjoy a love triangle. In a world where there seem no boundaries by society. A world behind the seven mountains, where an unquenchable desire arises. But what lasts, when happiness collapses? A dark fairy-tale for adults.

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