Schwarzer Panther

(Black Panther – The story of Emilie and Jacob)

/ 2013
Narrative / 77 min / Colored

Director:Samuel Perriard
Script: Samuel Perriard, Markus Ziegler (Co-Autor)
Cinematography: Gaetan Varone
Producer: Luis Singer
Production: DFFB, StickUp Filmproduktion & Samuel Perriard

Emilie (26) meets her brother Jacob (22) again after many years. Sharing the loss of their parents is not the whole story – they also share a secret.
The house she inherited has to be sold to pay off debts. As the two revel in the unaccustomed freedom of the mountain landscape and its broad vistas, that thought slips into the background. Yet the more Emilie ignores reality and represses her feelings for Jacob, the more he pushes for a decision on a future together. Can the siblings really share a life with this love that cannot speak its name?

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