Die Frau hinter der Wand

(The woman behind the wall)

/ 2013
Narrative / 90 min / Colored

Director:Grzegorz Muskala
Script: Grzegorz Muskala
Cinematography: Phillip Kaminiak
Producer: David Keitsch, Sol Bondy, Jamila Wenske
Production: dffb Berlin, ZDF – Das kleine Fernsehspiel

Martin moves from adolescence to manhood, from the province to the big city: he’s beginning his law studies in Berlin. In his difficult search for a flat, he finally finds a small place in a run-down and mysterious apartment block, with his new landlady Simone just next door - the woman behind the wall. Her life seems intertwined with everyone, the previous tenant, who has disappeared, the intrusive janitor, the deranged old woman and the dangerous neighbour Sebastian in the backyard. Martin very soon finds himself in a maelstrom of sex and desire, love and lust, fear and trust, and ultimately life and death.

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