Nicht zu früh, nicht zu spät

(Nicht zu früh, nicht zu spät)

Germany / 2015
Narrative / 7 min / Colored

Director:Miraz Bezar
Script: Julia Penner
Cinematography: Christoph Greiner
Producer: Sara Fazilat
Production: Deutsche Film- & Fernsekakademie Berlin (dffb)

Devrim is a twelve year old vivid boy. After school he helps his grandpa in his kiosk. But his passion belongs to action hero Cüneyt Arkin and his karate films. He and his best friend Joshua are always in search for new adventures. Surviving ice desserts and even alien invasions. But sometimes the line between fantasy and reality is very thin.
„Not too early and not too late“ tells the story of a close friendship and celebrates the wonder and innocence of childhood.

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