Germany / 2016
Narrative / 20 min / Colored

Director:Yves "Lawton" Hensel
Script: Yves „Lawton“ Hensel
Cinematography: Constantin Campean
Producer: Tamara Erbe
Production: Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin GmbH

Fynn - a 19 year old boy has been sentenced to community service in a psychiatric ward. At first it seems like the last thing he wants to do and he feels totally misplaced among the patients. But he soon finds himself forced to rethink his prejudices as he begins to befriend some of them. One of them is 25 year old Lea, whom he begins to have a romantic relationship with. But she uses him to steal drugs for a suicide attempt. And one day he finds her unconscious in her room. The attempt fails and for the first time she lets him see behind her facade. She feels guilty but Fynn offers her to start over.

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