Liebes Ich

(Dear Me)

/ 2017
Documentary / 102 min / Colored

Director:Luise Makarov
Script: Luise Makarov
Cinematography: Luise Makarov
Producer: Jonas Rothlaender
Production: Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin in Koproduktion mit dem Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg und Jonas Rothlaender

“Write yourself the letter which you always wished to receive.” After spreading the word, director Luise Makarov received over a hundred letters.

In DEAR ME Luise Makarov is portraying people in various life situations, who wrote to themselves this letter. In their words she discovers aspirations, hopes and dreams, that are becoming visible in a reality that is often quite differently.

Anne is a young mother, who found herself in a struggle after giving birth to her daughter Gilda. Before she became a mother she was an independent woman just starting to establish herself as an artist. But since Gilda is born, she put her life on hold, traveling with her husbands job instead and feeling very stuck with her own life.

Renate is an old lady, who has written herself a letter from her mother. Her mother is dead now, but Renate is still suffering to cope with a remark her mother made when she was still a teenager.

Andre is a typical Berlin-artist: without money, living just for his art. Things are starting to turn for him, when he gets a big chance to be a curator. But despite money problems he is suffering as well from a missed chance to bond with the girl he loves.

Detlef lives a withdrawn life. During the day he goes to church, but at night he is challenging himself by touring through different Karaoke Joints in Berlin. He is over 60 now, but wrote himself a letter from Anita, a girl who rejected him when he was just 17 years old.

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