Friends and Patrons of the DFFB

The Friends and Patrons of the DFFB is a society founded as a private initiative to support the development of the dffb. Its mission is to direct attention to the creative quality and professional and economic needs of the DFFB through well-targeted information to an interested public.

The DFFB has always put highly qualified instructors and state-of-the-art technical equipment at the disposition of its students for their work. Concepts for classes are continuously adapted to the requirements of contemporary cinema and media development. With the received donations, technical equipment will be acquired that benefit all students of the DFFB .

We therefore not only ask for your membership but also that you bring your contacts into the work of the society so that it can support the DFFB with technical investments and exceptional arrangements well into the future.

President of the society’s board is Dagmar Jacobsen. Gerd Conradt is its deputy, the treasurer is Helene Schwarz.

If you are interested in supporting the Friends and Patrons of the DFFB , please contact:

Dagmar Jacobsen
Phone +49 (0)30 257 59-140
E-Mail E-Mail