Helene Schwarz Award 2006

On the 24th of September 2006, the first Helene Schwarz Award was given during the 40-year Anniversary festivities of the dffb. A director was given the award for a film made during his main studies. A jury made up of some of the founders of the award, which include Helene Schwarz, Hans Helmut Prinzler, Hans-Otto Krüger, Rosa von Praunheim, Walter Krieg, Enrique Sanchez, Sascha Arango, Chris Kraus and Britta Hansen, decided to honor Max Erlenwein for his Individualfilm “Blackout”.

The Helene Schwarz Award consisted of a statue, prize money in the amount of 2000 €, a certificate, and lunch with Helene Schwarz.

Award Winner Maximilian Erlenwein


Born on August 22, 1975 in Berlin, he studied Communications and Sociology in Marburg and worked thereafter as a camera assistant and freelance cinematographer. In 1999 he began his studies in directing at the dffb and made many short films. During his studies he worked as a cameraman for news and television, shooting in Thailand, Romania, Poland, Sierra Leone, New York and elsewhere. Together with Robin von Hardenberg he founded Fat Lady Filmproduktion in 2005, with which he produces and directs music videos, documentaries, image films and commercials.


2006 KILLING THE DISTANCE (Regie, Produktion, Kamera) Dokumentarfilm. Produktion: Fat Lady Filmproduktion
2006 RAW ANT UNCUT (Regie, Produktion, Kamera) Konzertfilm/ Patrice. Produktion: Fat Lady Filmproduktion
2005 BLACKOUT (Regie) Kamera: Ngo The Chau Produktion: Valeska Bochow
2003 DER RÄCHER (Regie) Kamera: Max Penzel, Produktion: Valentin Greulich
2002 JOHN LEE AND ME (Regie/Drehbuch) Kamera: Ngo The Chau, Produktion: Nicole Gerhardts, Valeska Bochow
2000 DEUTSCHE WERTE HALTEN EWIG (Co-Regie, Kamera, Idee) Produktion: Eva Weerts
2000 ELVIS VS. BRUCE LEE (Regie/Drehbuch) Kamera: Ngo The Chau, Produktion: Valeska Bochow
2000 FUCK AND RUN (Regie und Drehbuch)Kamera: Ngo The Chau, Produktion: Valeska Bochow