Working on a relatively small budget, the DFFB succeeds in striking the right balance between training in the artistic dimension of filmmaking and fostering a commercial understanding in students which can also be seen in the exceptional and extremely professional films by our students.

Its strong links with the European film industry make it well-placed to bring together film students from across the continent, the DFFB has kept pace with the times and its courses are tailor-made to prepare students to work in today’s film and television industry. The DFFB adopts a pioneering approach to practice-based film training. The DFFB’s professional level courses are structured to focus on the key tools of the trade in filmmaking: directing, scriptwriting, production and cinematography. The DFFB also sets particular store by the vital creative aspects of filmmaking.

Throughout the entire course there is a particular emphasis on fostering the development of each student’s individual signature style in their chosen field of study, a crucial aspect of preparing graduates for their subsequent careers in film or television.

(c) Lisa Winter

All the courses are taught by a rotating team of international film industry professionals (around 100 per year), who work with the students for seminars lasting from 1-6 weeks. This gives students a unique opportunity to benefit from the experience and knowledge of these teachers.

Subjects covered in the Academy include: screenwriting; directing; producing and business skills for producers, writers and directors; introduction to distribution, marketing and exhibition; cinematography; camera; editing. New modules are offered each year, keeping the course fresh and right at the cutting edge of the film business.

In 1997, the Screenwriting Academy was established as an independent line of study at the DFFB. Eight students per year are trained in screenwriting for cinema and television in a 3-year course. The aim is to provide solid artistic and practical education, to produce independent, freethinking, creative scriptwriting talent. At the start of the first year, screenwriting students share courses with the other disciplines and make a film in the framework of the documentary seminar. Screenwriting students can attend all the DFFB’s general Directing, Cinematography and Producing courses and events (film theory, film analysis, film history, etc.), making important cross-disciplinary connections. As the Screenwriting Academy is integrated with the other disciplines at the DFFB, students benefit from contacts with other strands of the filmmaking process.