The Screenwriting Academy

In 1997, the Screenwriting Academy was established as an independent line of study at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin. In a three-year course of study, ten writings talents are yearly accepted to the education of screenwriting for cinema and television. The aim is to educate independent, freethinking, creative scriptwriting talent.

Under the auspices of respected, international instructors, the ground fundaments are laid: conception, deciding upon a topic, finding ideas, structure, conflicts, characters, the dramaturgy of scenes, improvisation, film and script analysis and creative writing. The basics for genres such as thrillers, melodramas, comedies, etc. are taught.

In the beginning of the first year, screenwriting students share courses with the other disciplines. They make a film themselves in the framework of the documentary seminar. Through the integration of the Screenwriting Academy with the other disciplines at the dffb, students are in constant contact and collaboration. In the second year, three screenplays are produced with rbb and ten short scripts are produced with arte in collaborative seminars with directing and cinematography students. The first year ends with the presentation of the First Year Screenplays at the beginning of the second year.

During the second year, talents are refined. Seminars about character development, strategies of political storytelling or analysis of non-linear narrative are just as important as seminars to copyright and publishing rights. At the end of the second year, a seminar on literary adaptation paves the way for the work on an independent adaptation which is realized over the second summer.

The third year focuses on developing a 45-minute episode to a television series, newly developed in a master class, as well as a 90-minute script.

Parallel to their own education, the dffb offers the screenwriting students the opportunity to attend all general studies and events of the Directing, Cinematography and Producing lines (film theory, film analysis, film history, etc.), making important cross-disciplinary connections. The integration guarantees a founded artistic and practical education.