Cinematography Studies

Grundstudium / Basic Studies

In the two year Basic Studies, all students (Directing, Cinematography, and Producing) complete a set, obligatory program that is directed towards the production of the First Year Film and Second Year Film at the end of each year.

First Year

The first year is oriented towards providing students with the basic tools of filmmaking and the nature of cinematography - primarily in practical, hands-on experience. Theory plays a role, but with the aim of supporting praxis. All seminars have a direct relation to the production of the First Year Film. Every camera student makes a film at the end of the year as a director.

Second Year

In the second year, what has been learned is expanded, specialized and deepened. Students part paths to meet again at the end of the year in the production of the Second Year Film. Concrete results are required, precise decision-making, a more careful use of artistic and technical tools. Every cinematography student is camera on two of the second year films. In the second year, theory is again subservient to the acquisition of professional knowledge and skill. Practical education is still primary.

Hauptstudium / Main Studies

The Main Studies are for specialization. Students design their own program after their interests. The production of the Individual Film is obligatory in the third year. One must collect 10 seminar credits to absolve the Main Studies. The education ends with the production of the Thesis Film and a complimentary theoretical work.