4Film is hiring

4FILM Ltd. is looking for a production assistant who will be responsible for various crucial, time-sensitive tasks in the pre-production, production, and po9-production stages. Remote work. Flexible working hours (3-month probationary period)

4Film is one of the leading film production companies in Croatia and in the Central Eastern European region based in Zagreb, Croatia. Our projects received more than 41 international awards at numerous international film festivals and had a successful theatrical and television distribution in over 70 countries, and a VOD distribution in more than 190 countries worldwide. 2016, our film “You Carry Me“ (Directed by Ivona Juka) became the first film, not only from Croatia but from the whole region, to be bought by Netflix – and at this point, it is available for over 2OO million people to watch.

Priorities can often change in a fast-paced environment like ours, so this role includes but is not limited to, the following responsibilities: Assist other producers with team-level tasks and goals. Support the production team in the completion of critical tasks. Provide support in a range of development areas as need. Write and collect feedback, take meeting notes, and assist as needed for the project. Possibility to attend major film markets and festivals with us (depending on the COVID-19 situation)

How to apply?
1. Send us your name, surname and contact information (e-mail and cell phone number)
2. Send us a short review of our film „You Carry Me“
3. Your online portfolio showcasing your work.