Hello! My name is Alexandros Liossatos. I am currently looking for actors to join the cast of my sci-fi thriller BA graduation film „Parallel”, that I will be directing and shooting. Here is a link to the crowdfunding campaign:

Must speak English fluently, be based in Berlin & have a non-German accent. Any other accent is welcome.

„A group of international psychology students studying in Berlin decide to take a hallucinogenic drug as a part of an experiment. One of the students, Nina, experiences a bad trip which escalates into her seeing her friend Chris being strangled by his reflection and Nina believing that she is being hunted by her reflection. When the effect wears off, she starts to feel safe, only to notice her reflection moving in a strange way the next time she looks in the mirror. She then realizes that she might be in actual danger …”

Chris (20’s, M) : An international psychology student studying in Berlin. He is charming, funny, likeable & egocentric, which comes from his pride of making people laugh. In the film, Nina witnesses Chris being attacked by his own reflection at a party. Later, his reflection is missing, which scares Nina and makes her wonder if her friend is still the same person.

Alex (20’s, M) : An international psychology student studying in Berlin. He is intelligent, curious and organized, but also fun-loving and easily distracted.
During the experiment, he is supposed to supervise Nina, his test subject, but gets convinced by his friends to party.

Shooting Dates:
4 – 5 days between 14.02 – 04.03.
This is a no-budget project. Food, drinks & good vibes will be provided on set.

Looking forward to seeing your applications! Please include information about your acting experience!