Actresses Wanted

Actresses wanted

We are a group of university students in their 6th semester at the BSDC currently also working on the production of a project, regarding an advertising video for a VW VR Headset. We are planning to shoot between the 10.06 and the 13.06. It’d be a very simple shoot, three half days.

We don’t get provided with a budget, so we can’t offer any monetary compensation, but you would of course be entitled to use the resulting video as part of your portfolio.

Our university works together with one of the daughter companies of VW. Said company (I’m not sure of the name), is planning to implement a VR platform on which, through the use of VR headsets, its employees will be able to confer and meet with greater ease. It is our job as the students, to come up with a short promotional video that is to illustrate how this will benefit the employees.

Together with our group we have come up with the following idea. We want to illustrate how this new platform will free the employees of the „hunched over in a cubicle answering hundreds of useless emails“ work style. Thus our video is to be structured as follows:

It is to show three VW employees from different positions within the supply chain, one engineer, one designer and one intern/manager (the choice depends on who we cast). All three are seen having a meeting in what we assume is the designer’s home office. As soon as a member of the team passes in front of the camera though, we are transported into a studio-like space filled with chartes, blueprints and other engineering-type paperwork. All three employees continue the discussion. Once more an employee crosses the camera and we are transported to the manager/intern’s home office/terrace space. The meeting concludes, with the designer and engineer tasking the intern/manager with delivering the current blueprints to the „Madrid office“. Everyone hangs up and we are left with the intern, now alone in his/her apartment, grabbing a USB from his computer and heading over to the office.

The script itself is quite short and you’d have a lot of liberties with it, as it is our main goal to show the freedom and dynamity the product offers the consumer.

Do let me know if this sounds like something you might be interested in. You can reach us at: