Ame­ri­can Actor in Ber­lin available for rea­dings /​​ roles

Hi, I’m an Ame­ri­can actor in Ber­lin available to par­ta­ke in rea­dings and acting roles.

I usual­ly play come­dic roles but I have play­ed a mafia boss role in a work­shop to gre­at effect.

Here is a link to my demo reel: https://​you​tu​.be/​m​C​s​S​N​s​s​U​E​r​M​?​s​i​=​C​O​o​0​7​a​m​Z​g​j​e​U​d​ZTe

I look for­ward to spea­king with you.

Best of luck with your pro­jects!