Hi there, my name is Kateryna Zhuravlova, 20 y/o VFX student in Berlin.

I am writing to you because I aim to get as many practical skills as possible in the practical part of film production. As I know, the students always work on their projects and often need some assistants. If there is an opportunity, I would be glad if you could send my CV to them, so that I could become one of them.

I am currently studying Visual effects & 3D animation at SAE, where I gain experience in post-production, particularly in Rigging, 3D Modeling, Simulations, After Effects, Compositing, and Animation. And in my studies, the production part is poorly covered, despite being very useful and necessary for realizing the whole process of the pipeline and producing my projects. Because in 5 years I see myself as a director of my projects, specifically COMMERCIALS & music videos, in which I will combine reality & imagination.

More information, such as portfolio & contact information could be found in the CV (please, follow the link:

Would be grateful for a response, thank you in advance!

Best Regards,
Kateryna Zhuravlova