Ber­li­na­le 2024 & Can­nes 2024: FILM EDITOR for my short film

Dear Ladies and Gen­tle­men,

sin­ce mid-August I am in post-pro­duc­tion for my short fic­tion film, which I want to sub­mit to the Ber­lin Inter­na­tio­nal Film Fes­ti­val until mid-Novem­ber of this year, with the aim of cele­bra­ting its world pre­mie­re at the fes­ti­val in Febru­ary 2024 as part of the festival’s cate­go­ry „Short Film“. For this, howe­ver, I still urgen­tly need a pro­fes­sio­nal FILM EDITOR to edit my film befo­re the dead­line on the 16th of Novem­ber (!). For this task you would be paid and included in the cre­dits of my film. For the film editing of my film you should meet the fol­lo­wing important con­di­ti­on: You must be fami­li­ar with the video editing and colour cor­rec­tion soft­ware DaVin­ci Resol­ve. You can cont­act me as fol­lows:

My email address: walpolaperera@​gmail.​com
My pho­ne num­ber: +49 176 30425356

I look for­ward to hea­ring from you.

Infor­ma­ti­on about me and my film pro­ject:
My name is Wal­po­la Layan­tha Perera. Actual­ly, I’m working as a com­pu­ter sci­en­tist with the focus on arti­fi­ci­al intel­li­gence. In the cur­rent year, I final­ly rea­li­zed my long-che­ris­hed wish by shoo­ting my first short fic­tion film in Ger­ma­ny in August, which I not only direc­ted, but which I also pro­du­ced and for which I also wro­te the script.
After I had shot all the sce­nes with the actors of my film, I star­ted the post-pro­duc­tion in mid-August. A 30-minu­te film ver­si­on is plan­ned for the Ber­li­na­le 2024, and a 60-minu­te ver­si­on of the alre­a­dy shot film mate­ri­al is plan­ned for the Can­nes Film Fes­ti­val 2024 (also for one of the two short film cate­go­ries).