Camera for Concert Installation on the Canal in Neukölln by sounddrifters

Camera people / Film makers…
Sound Drifters Berlin are constructing floating stages for music, performance and film on the waterways of Berlin and need someone with a dynamic camera style to film their next concert installation.
You don’t need to do the editing however if you get inspired they would love you to expand the idea. In the future they could screen your resulting film together with the live concert on the water.
The project ‚Sound Mirror‘ sends three live musicians on a floating stage installation down the Neuköllner- und Landwehrkanal.
Soundscapes recorded en route are integrated into the score reflecting the locations they originated from. The shore becomes both stage and auditorium. From skatepark noises to ping pong tables. Lots of potential for a visual interpretation.
It’s on the 19th of June, two 50 minute journeys. Their events are free to help the struggling live arts scene so unfortunately there is only a small budget for you.
Please contact @Sound Drifters Berlin with some links if you are interested.