Casting call – Flatmates

We are looking for male and female actors for the Independent Webseries “Flatmates”.
Shooting time and Location: Berlin – TBC
Expenses and meals covered.
Send CV (or bio), photos and showreel to moc.l1553060317iamg@1553060317setam1553060317talfs1553060317eires1553060317bew1553060317
Directors: Federico Peduzzi and Sergio Proto

Paolo, an idealistic young painter, leaves Italy to make a name for himself in the vibrant Berlin art scene, but soon finds himself sucked into the mad rush of the city. As he goes from flat to flat in a series of dramatic and humorous clashes with each new set of flatmates, his sense of self starts to fragment and he begins to lose faith in his artistic abilities and in himself.


Italian male– 25-30

One day Paolo ditches his quiet and uneventful life in a rural town in favour of the exciting promise of becoming an artist in Berlin
Warm, sensitive and good humoured, Paolo is a charming and likeable person. Yet, these same traits at times cause him to be naive and therefore vulnerable to exploitation from others. Despite this, he possesses a natural determination and resilience which help him overcome the many obstacles and challenges he faces on his journey.

Italian male – 25-30

Giorgio has been a close friend of Paolo’s since their high school days. Carefree and often acting on impulsive desires, spending time with Giorgio always leads to awkward and hilarious situations. He never really grew up and after dropping out of university, he slipped quite happily into the same frivolous and unchallenging life that Paolo ultimately rejects

German female – 22-27
Born and raised in Berlin, Kathleen is the product of the city’s vibrant cultural diversity, with a unique sense of style that derives from her broad range of tastes and interests. She has countless unfulfilled dreams and ambitions, which makes it hard for her to commit to anything, including serious relationships, as she is always distracted by something new that comes along.