Cas­ting Call for que­er Short Film Pro­ject

Hi, for my short film titled „Sar­to­ri­al Fluids“, which will be shot end of Sep­tem­ber, I am cas­ting the fol­lo­wing roles:

  • John (20s) (male appearance) (lead)
  • Ben (20s) (male appearance)
  • Boss (30s/​40s) (male appearance)

Log­li­ne: Two artists, each strugg­ling with rest­ric­ti­ve gen­der norms in their respec­ti­ve fields switch lives for a day and conrfont dis­cri­mi­na­ti­on against non con­for­mi­ty.

I have orga­ni­zed a cas­ting event on Thurs­day (07.September) and a second opti­on next week whe­re you can meet with me (the director/​producer) per­so­nal­ly in a cafe near Ost­kreuz, and we can get to know each other, talk about the pro­ject and have a small sce­ne read or so.

If you want to know a litt­le more about the pro­ject before­hand, here’s a mini pitch deck/​portfolio: https://​dri​ve​.goog​le​.com/​f​i​l​e​/​d​/​1​u​8​S​d​h​d​h​q​r​G​N​5​d​G​O​K​L​7​s​u​Y​o​1​u​0​G​q​d​N​z​K​J​/​v​i​e​w​?​u​s​p​=​s​h​a​r​ing

Let me know if you are inte­res­ted!
David Thuß-Pati­ence