*DAVINCI RESOLVE WORKSHOP INTRODUCTION 1** DaVinci Resolve Workshop 1 (Online via Zoom) is only meant as introduction to the software. **We strongly recommend to participate in DaVinci Resolve Advanced Workshop on the following weekend, in order to get the full(er) picture!** **ABOUT DAVINCI RESOLVE** DaVinci Resolve is no doubt the most professional and powerful color grading software available. Most films, from independent productions to high-end blockbusters, are color graded with this software. In the DaVinci Resolve Introduction Workshop we focus on HD media and primary color grades. We take a look to the workflow, the interface, importing from other softwares, editing, basic color grading, and delivery. It’s a very practical workshop, where the students color correct a complete scene of a film. **Teacher** Flavio G. Garcia is a filmmaker, film instructor, and postproduction expert.