Com­po­ser for your film

My name is Sla­va Tri­bu­hovs­ky!

I am a com­po­ser from Ukrai­ne who wri­tes music simul­ta­neous­ly with my breathing.

I crea­te in a varie­ty of gen­res and styl­es: dra­ma, come­dy, hor­ror, sci- fi, action…

rock & roll, funk, pop, indie, ambi­ent, sym­pho­nic, musi­cal, coun­try, Scan­di­na­vi­an music, folk and much, much more…

A lot of my music is on my web­site:

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I expe­ri­ment a lot with sound.

I feel very well the emo­ti­ons and per­for­mance of the actors.

In search of new crea­ti­ve cont­acts in the Euro­pean film com­mu­ni­ty.

I’ll be glad to meet you! 🙂

PS I am flu­ent in Ukrai­ni­an, Polish, and Rus­si­an. I just star­ted lear­ning Eng­lish, so for now it’s through Goog­le Trans­la­te 🙂

Sin­ce­re­ly, Sla­va Tri­bu­hovs­ky