Crew Call for a low budget Queer Short Movie

A Request For Citizenship is a short low budget movie. It is set during a morning talk show in a future relatively similar to our present, where the social structure remains the same as today. The Hostess, Careen is vibrant with an energetic and magnetic personality. She, with her full red hear and matching lipstick, and her show are the utmost representation of this world; everything is pristine and light, as if no imperfection could ever have stepped a foot inside.
Impossibly perfect.

The show starts as any other, two chairs, a coffee table, a full roaring well- humored audience, the hostess and her guest, today, in our story, an Alien that has invaded Earth.

Careen is excited, as she is every single morning of her show. She begins her interview with the visitor but soon things start turning sour.

What was meant to be a pleasant, nonchalant, light-hearted episode turns into the Alien revealing secrets that could destroy this well-set reality. It progressively starts gaining more and more control, not only of the conversation but of the show itself.
Careen quickly realizes the disruptive power of this invader and its message and she does anything in her power to stop the invader.
The whole perfect reality soon proves itself an easily shattered illusion. The show ends up revealing its structure and with the Alien stating:
“Being, in spite of, is the most political act there is”

We are currently looking for:
– 1st and 2nd A.C
– Assistant Director
-Costume Designer
-Costume Assistant
-Boom operator
– Set manager

It is very clearly and openly a politically Queer and post-colonialist movie and I’m looking for people with the same mindset. Right now, everyone involved in this project is from an underrepresented social and/or economic group. And we would like to keep things that way. We want this movie to be by us and for us.

We aim to shoot in the end of June and beginning of July. There will be a very small symbolic pay for the Heads of each Department and of course all expenses will be covered. Unfortunately since it is a very small independent production all other positions, right now, we can’t promise any compensation.

Students encouraged to apply. Applications can be sent to: