Crew Call – Short Film – Sound Director Wanted

Since Sound is very important in this movie, we are looking for a Sound Director / Recorder, who works responsibly with their crew and cast members. Since we’re working with a diverse and international team, transparency and respect are highly valued and necessary.

Scheduled Days of Filming
03.10.2022 – 07.10.2022
+ individual Preproduction Meetings in September

“Life is too loud, too wild, too lively for Aimée, who tries her best to be invisible. When she falls in love with the sculpture of a quiet woman, everything starts to change. For the first time, she feels a connection to someone outside of her bubble and needs to ask herself, who she is feeling it for – the white figure carved from stone or the version of herself, she finally has a chance to hear?”

Julia Bardarsky

Instagram @anueraki