Crew Nee­ded for Suda­ne­se Webse­ries

Dear col­le­agues in the set design depart­ment,

We are loo­king for col­le­agues for a 5 epi­so­de Suda­ne­se web series.
It’s a sati­re about the poli­ti­cal decis­i­on-making pro­blems Sudan faces. The pro­ject expli­cit­ly does not take sides but wants to shed a humo­rous light on this dif­fi­cult topic, hoping to enga­ge peo­p­le while enter­tai­ning them as well.

We are film­ing in Ber­lin from Febru­ary 27th, 2024 to March 1st, 2024. 4 days indoor, 1 day out­side.
The posi­ti­on is paid.

Plea­se send us your web­site and/​or Crew United pro­fi­le and/​or links to pro­jects and/​or CV.

We look for­ward to hea­ring from you!